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Day in and day out, I’m constantly taking on new and interesting projects that help me build my personal brand. From industry-related tasks to unusual and sporadic opportunities, each experience I’ve had has turned me into who I am today. Have a look at everything I’ve done, and send any questions my way.

Establishment of D&A capability within a multi-national alcohol beverage producer

Head of Data & Analytics

Responsible for the establishment of a Data and Analytics function within a South African based alcohol beverage producer (R40 billion Market Cap; 6000 employees). This included developing the vision, strategy and operating model across all data functions.

Distell Wix.jpg

Build a cloud-based enterprise data warehouse

Head of Data & Analytics

Designed and built a cloud-based data warehouse for Enterprise Analytics within Micorsoft Azure for a South African based alcohol beverage producer.

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Successfully decomissioned several multi-million AED data systems with single source of truth

Enterprise Analytics Portfolio Manager

Decommissioned several commercial data systems, replacing it with a single source of truth for Middle East International Airline ($5.9 billion revenue, 60k employees)

Emirates WIX.jpg

Development of a digital information system

Digital Programme Manager

Successfully completed a AED12 million digital information management system for cabin crew at a Middle East International Airline with specific focus on customer data and personalisation

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